Design is an exciting process. Blending multiple desires and needs into cohesive and stimulating solutions is what we do at Winstead Wilkinson Architects, PLLC.

Bringing people together is at the core of each WWA project. Owners, developers, architects, engineers, bankers, land planners, contractors and interior designers are just some of the individuals that play valuable roles in making a project come to life. We work creatively so that our solutions have a positive impact on people, our communities and our overall environment.

And primary to WWA creating successful projects and relationships is our goal to explore, collaborate and create.

1330 St. Mary's Office Building


Be challenged. Help clients reach their goals. Propose innovative solutions. Respect budgets and schedules.

Each project is unique, from the site’s features, budget and schedule to who it will serve. We challenge our designs to look beyond the norm and provide innovative cost effective solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. This journey takes time and effort to find the best possible solution. We listen to our client’s desires, needs and dreams, and understand their budgets. We challenge their thinking and learn their interests. As team leads, we push the envelope and problem-solve.


Listen. Be receptive, responsive and proactive. Work within the team to define project process. Look at the big picture.

Being responsive, being proactive and most of all listening is how collaboration begins. Our clients have a need. We investigate that need alongside them and communicate solutions. We listen to and build a personal connection with each client.

Hearing a client’s response to an initial design presentation is often the most critical point in a project. Have we reached their goals and expectations? Do we need to explore an alternative approach? Has the envelope been pushed far enough? We bring our entire design team, from the land planner to the interior designer, into this discussion early in the process, enriching the final solution with everyone’s input. This process is fast-paced and demanding, but we have fun throughout the journey.

ChickFilA Children's Center


Express uniqueness. Respect community and project context. Build sustainability and act responsibly. Experience meaningful results.

Our design solutions must be innovative, unique, responsive and efficient for our clients, our team members and the communities we work in. Design should be thoughtful, long lasting and meaningful. WWA is committed to enhancing our environment and acting responsibly with thoughtful design solutions that work within our client’s needs, budget and aesthetic desires.



If you are interested in learning more about our approach and the services we offer, contact WWA today.